Ordering Policy

Things to know when placing an order:

  • All our cakes, cupcakes, fillings and icing used are prepared from scratch using the finest and freshest ingredients.
  • All our cakes are priced individually based on the amount of decorative work involved in the design.
  • There may be traces of dairy and nuts in our products. Should you have a special diet need and would like to order a cake, do let us know in advance and we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.


Notice Period: We require a minimum of 24 hours for cupcake orders, 2 weeks notice for birthday cakes and 1 month notice for large orders such as wedding cakes. We do make exceptions for last minute orders and we will accommodate your order should we have availability in our order book for the date requested.

Booking and Deposit: Your order will be booked once the quote has been accepted and a 50% deposit has been paid. The deposit is non refundable and is used to secure your date. The outstanding balance needs to be paid in Cash upon collection or by bank transfer prior to collection. No deposit = No cake baked!

Delivery: Should you require delivery of your order, please send us a request with your address and we will accommodate within reasons. A delivery charge will apply. Please note that wedding cakes (as from 3 Tiers) are delivered and set up at no extra charge.

Collection: Your cake should be collected at the specified collection time. Your cake will not be ready before the specified collection time. Should you be running late, do contact us in advance so that we can plan to stay open a little bit longer. Once the cake has been transferred to you in good condition, we are no longer liable or responsible for the cake.

Transport: You should prepare your vehicle so it is clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake. We do everything in our power to provide a well-structured cake, but please note that cakes are very fragile and break easily. Please drive carefully and slowly. It is best to transport cakes on a flat surface either in the boot of your car or on the floor of the front passenger seat. A person’s lap is not the best or the safest place for a structured cake.

Storage:  Once at destination, the cake should be kept in a cool area (preferably an air-conditioned room) until cutting time. A sugarpaste decorated cake should never be kept in the fridge as the condensation from the fridge will ruin the decoration on the cake. Once cut, the cake will dry out if the left over is not stored in an airtight container. Cakes should be eaten within 2 – 3 days of event. You can freeze left over wrapped in foil for eating at a later stage.

Consultations: We hold consultations and face to face meetings for wedding cakes and large orders only. Appointments for these consultations should be made in advance and they will most likely be scheduled on a weekday upon our availability. Whilst we would have loved to meet with everyone, it is not possible for us to do so as we are a small team and have to spend most of our time decorating cakes. Therefore small orders are all handled via email / FB messenger / calls.

Cake Tasting: We offer a cupcake box of 4 flavours of your choice at a cost of Rs 500. Should your cake be 50 servings or more, the cost of the cupcake box is refunded back to you upon booking.

Wedding Cake Policy: A 50% non refundable deposit should be paid for your wedding cake and the final payment of your cake should be settled and cleared in full at least 1 week prior to the delivery of your cake. We will not accept payment at the venue on the day. Should we not receive final payment on time, your cake may be cancelled and deposit will be forfeited.

Cancellation Policy: In the unfortunate circumstance that you need to cancel your order, please notify us at least 2 weeks before your collection date so that the non refundable deposit that you have already paid can be moved to a future order (order to be collected within 3 months of original collection date). We unfortunately cannot grant the same privilege to cakes which are cancelled less than 2 weeks to collection as in most cases, we have already started work on the decor of the cake, ingredients may have been purchased and we rarely can fill that date again with another order so it means a loss of income for us.  The non refundable deposit will be forfeited in that case to cover our loss of income. In no circumstance will the non refundable deposit be returned as cash.


In the event of a lockdown or Covid-19 related circumstance. Your deposit will be retained with the option to postpone the order to a later date (no expiry) or alternatively the deposit may be used towards another order (credit) for any future date. Unfortunately cash refunds of deposit are not possible.